Boon Hong Teo

Project Manager

Since I was young, I’ve been interested in computer programming. I was fascinated with the idea that mechanical processes – from end to end – could be controlled by the very code I wrote.

I joined TruSteel in 2003 after more than a decade in the manufacturing industry. TruSteel’s bold vision for futuristic manufacturing solutions appealed to the techie in me. Since joining, my experience has grown alongside the company’s success. I’ve developed my expertise with programmable logic controllers, applying my IT talents to a variety of projects in Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine and other countries. Seeing my work contribute to TruSteel’s international standing over the years has given me great satisfaction.

TruSteel’s supportive environment is a big reason why I enjoy working here so much. I’ve been given exciting opportunities to work overseas and expand my skill set, which has prepared me for the evolving demands of a tech-based economy. Besides that, I also appreciate the warm atmosphere of the TruSteel family. My team values cooperation greatly. We work hard together on different projects, and also play hard to celebrate our results. I feel that this environment is key to the company’s success. And I’m excited to see the future heights that TruSteel will soar to.