Devan bin Guatip

Site Supervisor

I’ve had a fulfilling journey at TruSteel. When I was invited to join the company in 2003, I took up the offer. Since then, I’ve found an incredible fit in the TruSteel family. I’ve been growing and working passionately here, and have been with them longer than with any of my previous employers.

My position in the company has evolved greatly over the years. I started out as a welder, but Alan – one of TruSteel’s directors – saw my potential in renovation work. I readily underwent on-the-job training in renovation, learning and working closely with my manager for over a year. While renovation has now become my main focus, I’ve also acquired useful skills in other areas like equipment building and maintenance. The skills I’ve learnt at TruSteel will serve me well, as hard technologies continue to underpin the changing economy.

I enjoy my work life at TruSteel very much, because of the deep professional and social support here. As a trainee, I received close support and personal advice from my supervisors. Now, as a more seasoned employee, I mentor new hires who look up to my experience. I also look forward to the leisure trips that TruSteel organises each year for employees to celebrate our achievements. For these reasons and more, I’m proud to call TruSteel my home.